About Us

Pharmaanimals  is a new Ecommerce specialized in products for pets. On our web-site you can find everything you need for your pets’ care and  a clean and healthy home.

The online store where you can find everything you need for your dog, cat or small pet.

Pharmaanimals is the online shop for  animals that makes happy pets and owners alike, offering the best products at competitive prices, ensuring quick and easy shopping experience

We have devoted a section of our site to the news where there is the advice both for your pets and for their owners. A small handbook of the owner , which can be a great help at any time
There you'll find information on the right food for your dog or cat, recommendations for hygiene, safety and fitness of your pet and not least you will find tips for the hygiene and care of the house where your pet live, and you with them.

Novelty   :The world Pharmaanimals is always full of news! In this section you will find all new products for the well being of your pet.

Pharmaanimals is not only a commercial activity but an organization that aims to establish a relationship of trust with the client,  to guarantee the wellness of your pets with high quality products.

We are extremely careful regarding  client satisfaction. Special attention is paid to commercial proposals thanks to our staff’s  long work experience in the field. They are always willing to supply information and help when needed.


Pharmaanimals is a branch coming from  Professional Cleaning which  designs  and produces customized professional cleansers,  created according to the different fields of application and on the basis of specific requests from  clients.  Pharmaanimals has since specialized in the development of sanitizing and repellent solutions to improve the care of pets. Our first concern is therefore to provide proper assistance in animal care and concrete help to the resolution of the problems affecting the world of pets. In fact, in our staff there is always a pharmacist who works with the veterinarians for the study of products but, above all,  who  gives customers advice, information and assistance for appropriate responses to their needs and expectations.

Today, pets are part of our life and our family. Here is the importance to always have  at hand the highest quality products both for their  health and welfare and for the home where they  live and where we live too.

Pharmaanimals reflects our commitment in the field of social responsibility, prompting us to realize concrete steps for the animals, for our communities, to support the environment and to respect a strong code of ethics.

For Pharmaanimals it  is very important to have a positive impact on the communities where it operates, so we provide numerous donations and volunteer activities.

Our commitment has always been to ensure an excellent quality and an advantageous cost-therapy relationship for all our products.

Our Philosophy

We consider the home as an ideal  family-pet “habitat”.

Our products and our advice is simple, practical and efficient to create a clean and healthy environment in your home.

Our products are natural and they are extremely useful for cleaning  and sanitizing a home with pets. Pharmaanimals  products are ideal in homes, to keep everything around the house clean and healthy  and your family and pets safe.

Online Shop

Since 2016 this new on line shop presents all the latest  IT innovations” in order to assure up-dating of all novelties on the market which we hope you will appreciate.

 All our products are made in Italy